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This Sunday, May 3rd, we continue our Preaching Series, in our 10:00AM service, based on the A.D. the Bible continues television series airing on NBC.  A.D. picks up where The Bible miniseries left off. 

We began with Jesus’ crucifixion and followed up in Episode 2 with the “Reality of the Resurrection”!  This Sunday,  in Episode 5, our scripture focus will be Acts 5:29-32 and the title is “You Can’t Stop The Unstoppable”

SYNOPSISIn episode 5 of the A.D. series, we will see how even in the midst of persecution, the apostles of the early church continued to be obedient in declaring the Gospel. They faced opposition from the religious and political leaders of the time, many were thrown in jail on multiple occasions, and some were martyred for their faith. Yet, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Christians experienced boldness, declared truth, and received empowerment through God’s grace. They weren’t focusing on the present circumstances full of discouragement, questions, and impossibility. Their focus was on God. As a result, men and women were saved, healed, and witnessed many miracles. The mission of spreading the Gospel to all the earth was unstoppable because it was part of God’s salvation story that has been written and continues to be written.

This series will continue through Sunday June 21st portraying the powerful stories of the first followers of Christ and the birth of the early Church through the first ten chapters of Acts.

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Sunday April 26, 2015


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